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Going Beyond The Roots

Why it’s important to go beyond the tree roots with a sewer camera inspection.

Scoping beyond the tree roots allows you to be able to inspect the entire lateral line. Many times the roots are not thick enough to stop the lateral from performing.

If the root wad is not thick, and the camera is able to be pushed through, it will save the cost of having to remove the roots and then re-camera the area. An honest sewer inspection company will go beyond the roots when possible and not stop and come back for a second inspection  and additional fees.

It’s also important to be with the inspectors when the line is scoped so you can watch the videos and they can answer any questions you have while it’s happening.

A sewer camera inspection will be looking for:

Breaks in the line

This is crack or hole that can be caused by everyday common occurrences such as erosion, tree roots, or the ground settling.

Severe offsets of ¾ inch or more

This is a separation from the coupling between pipes.  An offset of more than ¾ of an inch can cause clogging or erosion around the pipe creating a belly.

Bad bellys in the line

A belly is a curvature in your sewer pipe. Instead of going straight your line will dip down disrupting the proper flow which can lead to backups.

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