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Hydro flush for sewage restoration

The Best Way to Clean Your Sewer Lines

Hydro Flush Vs. Cabling

Should I cable or hydro flush my slow draining or clogged sewer line?

At SewerCam services we look at slow draining and clogged sewer lines every day. Our clients ask us to make recommendations on how to remedy their slow draining sewer lines and clogged sewer laterals. 

Our quick answer is if this is your first time with a slow or clogged sewer line, cabling at typically a 3rd of the price of hydro flushing will be your most cost-effective solution. 

If you have had multiple clogs and slow draining issues Hydro flushing would be the next step.

What is hydro-flushing a sewer line?

Hydro Flushing or Hydro Jetting is the term used when a water jetter is inserted into a sewer line delivering a high-pressure blast of water. This high-pressure blast of water can blast through grease, sediment, soap, hair, sludge and tree roots. As the jetter is pulled back through the sewer line the high pressure scrubs the line restoring its ability to flow freely.

Pros of hydro flushing

  • Most effective method available to clear a sewer line
  • The best method for stubborn or recurring clogs

Cons of hydro flushing

  • It can cost 3 or 4 times the amount of cabling
  • Older or fragile sewer lines can be damaged by the water pressure

What is cabling a sewer line?

Cabling is the term used when a drum machine is used to penetrate a blockage in a sewer line. An auger bit is attached to the front of a cable that is being spun by the drum machine and forced through the blockage by a technician. Cabling is also referred to as snaking a line.

Pros of Cabling

  • Time test and proven method to clear blocked drains and sewer lines
  • Does not damage fragile sewer lines

Cons of Cabling

  • Only clears a path that is as wide as the auger
  • Usually only a temporary fix

Which method is best for you?

Hydro Flushing offers many advantages over cabling but is simply overkill in many situations. If this is your first clogged sewer line, cabling is effective and affordable. After the sewer line has been cleared have a sewer camera inspection to diagnose any potential future problems.

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