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Why Camera Inspections Save You from Plumbing Disasters

If you are an owner or a property manager, it’s important to know why sewer camera inspections are so crucial to saving you time and money. A professional video inspection can identify problems before they become serious, inconvenient, and costly.

A Camera Inspection Can See What Can’t Be Seen

Because most of your plumbing and drain system is hidden underground, beneath floors, or inside walls, it is out of sight and out of mind. So you won’t know that you have a problem until it’s too late. The problems can be many– including cracks, bellies, joint alignment, leaks, blockages, and root intrusion. A camera inspection is the only way to determine the condition of your drains and pipes.

Snakes Can’t See the Future

Snaking sewer drains with blockages and clogs is only a temporary fix and ignores the actual cause of the problem. Having a line snaked once or twice a year actually wastes money. Furthermore, it just pushes the debris further down the pipe and can even lead to leaks and cracks. Unlike snaking a drain, having a sewer camera inspection from an experienced technician can diagnose the issue before it turns into a huge mess.

Camera Inspections Help You to Be Financially Prepared

The right information and knowledge about the condition of a building’s sewer drains and pipes can help property managers, building owners, and HOA boards financially plan for future repairs and replacements. It’s important to not be in the dark about the pipe systems in your building so you can avoid disaster and unknown costs.

Follow this advice and save yourself a lot of headaches and money.

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