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Cartoon houses and cars flooded in neighborhood

Your Flooded Home May Not Be Your Responsibility

With the large amounts of heavy rainfall in the Midwest this year some homes that are not usually prone to flooding are starting to flood.

A homeowner contacted us recently to inspect her lateral lines because of flooding in her basement. We concluded that her sewer lines were structurally sound and fully functional and that the water was coming from the city laterals. Due to the heavy rains, the city laterals were unable to handle the volume and pushing water up into her home.

For $150.00 the homeowner was given video documentation and a report. By showing this documentation to the city, she was able to prove that it was their responsibility and they had to pay for the damages caused by the backup.

And while this isn’t always the case, it’s important to know your responsibilities as a homeowner and the responsibilities of the municipality. In most cases, the municipality is responsible for the property line to the sewer main, while the homeowner is responsible for the private property line to your home. An inspection from a qualified technician and contacting your city’s engineering department if your home floods are essential steps to take in determining who is responsible.

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